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Our Ultra Switches started as many of our custom components do—with a desire to improve upon existing solutions.

We had trouble finding a cost-effective sealed toggle switch that could effectively hold up over the long term to the rugged, all-weather environments that our customers work in day-in and day-out.

Our solution, the Ultra Switch, is environmentally sealed, incredibly durable and exceptionally cost-effective.




Ultra Switch Seals

IP-68 sealing was the starting point for us. These switches are fully submersible. We use an engineered silicone seal both between the top of the switch housing and the base, and again around the toggle actuator so that the switch itself, without need for a sealing boot is completely sealed.

Of course, we offer additional sealing boots (and use them for aesthetic/redudancy purposes on our own remote control products), but they only serve to enhance the existing seal.



Most toggle switches on the market advertise 100,000 operation functional life. For us, that was just the beginning. We're now at over 2.5 million cycles on our switches and continuing to count. What's more, we've optimized the internal structure and material for high cycle frequency.

Most switch manufacturers advertise that switch lifespan based on ten actuations every minute. We know that our switches get used more than that, and have done our testing based on one actuation every three seconds.



Toggle switches on a transmitter

We think it's crazy for a good toggle switch to cost more than a good dinner. We've taken steps to get these prices down for the average, low-volume user, and and offer even better pricing than is advertised on the website for manufacturers and distributors who are using these switches in their production.

We constantly monitor and evaluate our manufacturing processes in an effort to maintain and improve high quality standards for the products we supply. At the same time, we continuously seek out ways to manufacture and deliver improved products at competitive prices.